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Opening Hours

The Tunnel
Monday to Saturday - 8am - 6.30pm
Sunday only - 9am - 6pm

The Self Service

24 hours, 7 days a week
The Vacuums
24 hours, 7 days a week
The Dog Washes
24 hours, 7 days a week

The Automatic Tunnel

The two problems with traditional 

carwashes? Time and Quality.

Our 40meter Tunnel Wash gives you back both. Loading a new vehicle every 40 seconds means goodbye to long waits. 

Our dual conveyer belt takes your vehicle through multiple focused wash stations - washing your vehicle with the most advanced technology on earth. 

Designed and made in Germany and used by several luxury car manufacturers across the globe.

This is equipment that you can trust.

See our range of wash options here. 

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Self Service


  • For those who like to get stuck in themselves

  • All the bays have all the kit for a thorough and professional self clean

  • High pressure soap, triple foam, wax and rinse

  • Safe and effective de-bugging options

  • Fast and efficient air dryers - because if it's not dry, it's not clean

  • Extra wide bays for easy cleaning

  • Paywave and coin payment in every bay


Vacuum Bays

  • Seperate bays for vacuum only

  • Super powerful, efficient vacuums

  • Seamless central unit for a quick and quiet clean

  • Ergonomic design for hard to reach places

  • Paywave and coin payment in every bay

Dog Wash

  • Only the best for your best mate 

  • Leaves your dog clean, soft and smelling lovely 

  • Paywave and coin available

  • High pressure warm water

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